‘Green Lantern’: Lee Toland Krieger To Direct Multiple Episodes Of Greg Berlanti’s Superhero Series

When you hear that WarnerMedia is diving deep into the world of DC superheroes with new TV projects coming to HBO Max, fans are bound to get excited. Especially when you see what Marvel Studios is doing on Disney+, translating the blockbuster film feeling to the small screen. And yes, the news that J.J. Abrams is working on a couple of series is exciting, but it is beginning to feel like perhaps HBO Max’s “Green Lantern” might skew closer to the CW superhero universe than it does to the big-screen DCEU counterparts.

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According to Deadline, it appears that filmmaker Lee Toland Krieger has been tapped to direct multiple episodes of the forthcoming “Green Lantern” streaming series coming to HBO Max. As the title implies, “Green Lantern” is going to focus on the title hero, through the use of different characters who carry the mantle. We’ve already seen that some of the Lanterns have been cast with Jeremy Irvine and Finn Wittrock both attached to play different characters that have carried the Green Lantern title over the decades. For those unaware, Green Lanterns are a group of space cops that wear a special ring that allows them to construct physical objects using only the power of will.

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For those unfamiliar with Krieger, the filmmaker is probably best known for his variety of recent CW projects, specifically working with producer Greg Berlanti on “Superman & Lois” as well as “Riverdale.” Other projects include recent Netflix series such as “You” and “Shadow and Bone.” But considering Berlanti is also the mastermind behind “Green Lantern,” it’s probably safest to look at the work on “Superman & Lois” as the look/feel we might see in the HBO Max series.

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So, at least with “Green Lantern,” it appears that WarnerMedia is leaning more towards making this top-shelf CW-esque entertainment versus the big-screen, big-budget offerings we see with the DCEU. Regardless, if it’s good, then fans will love it because we all know that they’ve been waiting years for a quality “Green Lantern” project to be made.